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Polish My Writing.

From the laws of physics to the threat of terrorism, Hyperloop has plenty of challenges to face if it wants to keep on track. Powered by HERE Technologies, the app has been designed to be used for real-time and on-demand travel.

I’ve tried to use the PolishMyWriting, that’s cool! Thanks for sharing these tools! Thanks for your comment Lee.  I’m glad you find these tools useful. yeah way more than spell checks one needs grammar cheking tools as well. because spell checker is common and we tend to miss out on d latter. For instance your recent article titled “How to Select Right Affiliate Program” has a grammatical error in the opening sentence lol… So do get hold of a good tool. for pros like u problem doesnt lie in d language but simply typos n errors so get rid of dat. A most *primitive* approach is to use MS Word Thanks for feedback Rajat and as I said earlier I know I make lots of mistakes, though its always make mistake and learn from it.

To help you as you write your document, we offer the following useful tips to weed out common errors. We also encourage you to submit your document to Sibia Proofreading so that our editors can proofread your work, and we guarantee that it will be grammatically perfect when returned to you! Verb-Subject Agreement. Always make sure that each sentence you write features correct verb-subject agreement. For example, writing “Smith et al. argue that…” is appropriate because the subjects of the sentence are multiple. However, be careful with certain plural nouns, such as data; “the data indicate…” is correct, not “indicates”.

Polish My Writing.

We all know that a professional level of writing cannot be simply achieved with automated spelling or grammar checkers. Regardless of how advanced automated proofreading service has become, it still cannot replace the human brain. At, each email is corrected personally and carefully by one of our language experts. We call them Angels. What We Do. Proofread emails in every language with the help of service. One Click Away.

With one simple click your email is sent to one of our email angels, who personally corrects it and ensures your writing style is professional. We correct (not translate) spelling, grammar, punctuation and proper word usage. We correct emails in English, Spanish, French, German and Hebrew. You can use your mobile too. Just send the email you want to correct to

So I’m on it. Might take some time..  Primary English speakers don’t realize how difficult the language is to pick up. Although English is my second language, I grew up in the US and am totally Americanized. I think in English but I know it’s much harder for those who have to do translations in their heads. I personally couldn’t imagine posting in a different language. nice post, English is certainly a problem for us who belongs to the “non native English” countries. ms word pretty much solves the problem, but on some very important posts i try to hire a native English proofreader to correct my mistakes. lately, i have been following some good copywriting blogs to improve my English further, I have the same problem everytime I want to write a post, eespecially a long one 🙁 I’m still happy with Microsoft Word although it can suggest weird things sometimes. I know Michael, earlier I also used to use MS word, though I didn’t realized until I saw the HTML code of copied post.



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